Martin R. Owen PE, GE

Geotechnical Engineer


San Diego County, California

Tel: (619) 813-8462, Fax: (858) 273-1652






Martin R. Owen PE, GE has worked on many different types of geotechnical projects in San Diego County and elsewhere in California and the United States. Projects have included soil investigations and foundation engineering for residential and commercial buildings, high-rise buildings, towers, industrial facilities, bridges, etc.  In addition to his extensive foundation design experience, he has conducted geotechnical studies for hillside tract developments, landfills, dams, reservoirs, pipelines, airport and vehicular pavements, near-shore and off-shore construction projects.  Other geotechnical experience includes landslide investigations, cliff stabilization projects, seismicity and liquefaction studies, blast damage investigations, etc.

Mr. Owen has investigated and formulated foundation repairs and other types of site remediation for building and property damage resulting from settlement of poorly compacted fills, expansive soils, landslides, groundwater/seepage etc., and has conducted investigations for building damage from earthquakes, hurricanes, fires and other natural disasters.  He has also provided expert witness court testimony for construction defects litigation.

Martin Owen founded Owen Geotechnical in 1981, which later became Owen Consultants, a multi-disciplinary engineering firm with offices in southern and northern California.   In 1991 the company was sold and now exists under the name OWEN Group, located in Newport Beach, California. Since 1991, Mr. Owen has been an independent, geotechnical engineer providing consulting services to a variety of clients. 


  • B.S. (Honors), Civil Engineering, Glasgow University, Scotland, UK (1967)
  • M.S., Geotechnical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley (1968)


  • Registered Professional/Civil Engineer: California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington
  • Registered Geotechnical Engineer: California


1968-1971, Staff through Project Engineer, Cooper-Clark Associates (Geotechnical Engineers), Palo Alto, California

1971-1976, Project Engineer, Lowney-Kaldveer Associates (Geotechnical Engineers), Oakland/San Diego, California

1976-1978, Senior Project Engineer, Irvine Soils Engineering, Irvine, California

1978-1981, Manager and Chief Engineer, Leighton and Associates (Geotechnical Engineers), San Diego, California

1981-1991, President and Principal Geotechnical Engineer, Owen Geotechnical, later Owen Consultants, Offices in San Diego/Newport Beach/Sacramento, California

1991-Present, Independent Geotechnical Engineer, San Diego, California